Independent study is a type of study available in most high schools, colleges, technical schools, and other vocational-learning institutions. It can be called independent study, which is an academic activity undertaken by an adult with no direct supervision from a teacher or other student. Students who engage in this type of study are allowed to pursue their own interests, often drawing on a variety of resources to do so. Independent study has a number of distinct advantages over the more conventional subject-based study. It can offer a wider range of learning experiences, more freedom, greater self-sufficiency, a greater self-awareness, as well as a greater ability to express oneself creatively and critically.

What is an Independent Study?

Independent study courses are generally offered at different levels, with a primary focus on one particular topic, subject, or topic area. This allows students to advance at their own rate and to complete their work independently. Independent study courses are also taught by qualified teachers, providing an extra element of expert guidance and support.

An example of an independent study course would be a discussion of California school board policies and the impact of teacher ratings. The topic could also include California’s mandatory teacher training requirements, or the various methods of instruction and discipline in private schools in California. Students in this class might also discuss the effects of high expectations, the value of cultural diversity, or the importance of independent thinking.

Under the requirements for entering into a Cal State, or other public, independent study program, a student must complete certain requirements. First, he or she must complete the National Association for School Development (NASD) Certified Independent Study (CAIS) examination. The National Association for School Development offers accredited CISA examination preparation programs and CISA exams. Students in these programs have proven that they understand the concepts and objectives of CAIS and can demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the standards and curricula for independent study in California. Once a student has taken this examination, he or she will be mailed the official CAIS certificate, which allows him or her to enroll in an approved independent study program.

How to in Independent Study Program

In order to enroll in independent study programs, a student must also complete the State Examinations for Independent Living (SEI) as well as the State Examinations for Kindergarten (SEK) and Grades Four and Six. All students who wish to take independent studies in California must pass the necessary state examinations and complete the state-approved transitional kindergarten and high school courses. Independent study programs are available throughout California. These include standard school districts, community education districts, county educational districts, as well as private schools. Each of these independent study programs have their own particular requirements for enrollment and completion of courses.

Independent studies programs allow students to earn college credit or receive aid to go on to earn a higher degree while working toward a career that is in line with their career goals. For students who are living in low-income families, the independent study offers the opportunity for them to earn college credit or get a better job that may not be available to them if they had not completed education through public schools. Many students are living in the same district as their parents and have never attended public school. Independent study allows students to participate in a teaching environment that allows them to build relationships and work as part of a team while gaining a higher education.

Students who wish to pursue independent study at community colleges may do so with a partner from their local community who is also enrolled in the same program. Students must work with their partners to complete the coursework and then turn in their results in order to qualify for credits. Independent study at community colleges offers many advantages, such as having access to full-time, onsite instruction, which is not the case for students pursuing in-person instruction. Distance learning courses are generally only offered in the evening and on weekends, which makes independent study tough for some students who are attending traditional classes during the day and taking evening classes at night.

The Department of Education in California has created programs to help California’s students achieve their post-secondary goals. There are six California independent school districts, all of which offer both in-person and online education. There are other state-approved independent associations that offer independent certification training and California State Examinations. These associations will help you find the right school for your child.